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Who doesn't love a good testimony!?!?! In the 10 months since I started this business and helping people, here are the ones from my members, and they keep on coming! 

Sharon-has consistently taken our multi-vitamin and has noticed a big difference; she's always taken vitamins but ours is the first that has helped with nail growth and strength! Not all vitamins are created equal! 


Jenn-has lost over 15 pounds (collectively), most recently really enjoyed the healthy cleanse and lost 8 inches just from that, but more importantly has been able to change some of her eating habits and has lost more! She also has asthma and has looked for a heavy duty cleaner that wouldn't trigger it and found it in our scour off! Her overall cholesterol is down as well! Woot woot! 


Jeremy-has lost 30 pounds and has seen a decrease in his numbers for both blood pressure and cholesterol, and a big increase in his energy! We credit that to consistenly taking the vitalizer strip! 


Stephen-he recently enjoyed the cleanse as well and has lost 10 pounds and continues to lose! He loves the shakes for the taste and ease of a healthy breakfast! 


Ralph-is feeling his best in his 70's! He has lost about 10 pounds and is consistently keeping it off. I want that to be me too! 


Me- while I haven't really "lost" weight, my body fat is down by 3% and I don't drag anymore in the afternoons! My skin is also the healthiest it's ever been, thanks to our probiotics and our awesome skin care! 


Melissa-after 5 days on our Vitalizer her heartburn WENT AWAY!!! She was even able to get off her prescription for it! 


Lauren and Johnathon-this married couple dove in to greater health and while they, like me, didn't have major weight changes they are in better shape and have more energy than they ever have! They are a big encouragment to me! 

Robbie-her energy and a bit of weight loss is assisted by our vitalizing plan. She feels great and plans to keep it that way!